The Marriot Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in several continents, including curaçao.

We had the honor of creating an art piece for each room.

This means that Limpi Recycling created 365 art pieces and we were able to use 547 kilos of washed up plastic to do so. Do you want to read more about the process click here

The art pieces were specially designed for the Marriott hotel and are illuminated from the back.

The hanging system we used for this was developed at Limpi Recycling and also made from recycled plastic.

The plastic we used for the art pieces we first cleaned up during a clean up using sea turtle curaçao.

This plastic is washed up plastic from the other islands, we are proud that we were able to process this and do a project for the Marriot hotel.

Click here to take a look at the Marriott site.


marriott art piece limpi recycling turtle
Marriot Art piece limpi recycling fish
Mariott art piece limpi recycling sea star